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I have sold to Richard Baron Several times at Precious Metals. He has always gone over my pieces thoroughly and taken the time to educate me on the process. I will never go anywhere else in Orange county! I recommend all my friends to sell to PMR!

Jessica Beth on

“Honest company in my opinion.”

I called a couple of places before phoning Richard and after speaking with him, I felt comfortable to make an appointment. I brought in a good amount of gold jewelry and some silver. There were items that turned out to be junk! Oh well, overall I was very pleased with the outcome and the company and Richards professionalism. The meeting went comfortable and was discreet. I will definitley recommend their services to my family and also my friends.

bmacdonald on


Happy decided to sell my sterling silverware stored away since none of my children wanted it. took with me items of 14K, my wifes watch and some coins. I took them to two different places for estimates. these guys were the third opinion and their offer was substantially higher than these other yahoos. I found them to be trustworthy folk. They even told me not to sell one of my coins as it had more value than its gold content they explained and they advised me to hold on to that one.

williamgains on

“Thumbs up”

My husband and I were referred to this company by our minister. They were very informative, nice people. To be frank, we felt more like they were our good friends giving us their professional advice. And they proved to be fair and honest overall and that was important to us! We sold them most of my gold jewlery with the exception of some stones which they removed for us and gave back. Thank you Richard 🙂 We are planning on coming back to get an estimate on my husbands two watches and small coin collection.

Sara and Bill Hintons on

“It was worth the drive…”

FYI, If you have sterling: Took my grandmothers gorham 56 piece set into these sterling experts out of the LA Times. To make a long story short, I stopped by the los angeles antique road show first and marriott hotel to visit with an out of town jewelry firm. Both of these places came up way short compared to what this refinery offered for my pieces. Much obliged.

DrWeintraub1993 on

“Paid well :)”

Richard was a real gentlemen. Precious jewelery firm is a place to recommend. I’m pleased with his offer for my silver rings and some older gold earrings I never wear in years, plus I had a bracelet that ended up being 18K! Thank you doll.

Ethelprn on